Bringing Many Lenders under one Roof is a loan merchant aggregator founded by Finley Gallagher, bringing together top micro-loan lenders under one platform. Our lenders specialize in Online Payday Loans, Car Title Loans, and Merchant Cash advances for companies that are experiencing cash flow difficulties and are finding it problematic to obtain a loan from a traditional lender.

Payday Loan Consolidation is available to clients who have accumulated multiple high-interest rate loans such as payday loans and need to extend their repayment period, and prefer to deal with just one lender.

When a borrower submits a request form on, it is submitted to a bidding system where our lenders vie for your business. The “winning” lender will then approach the borrower with a proposal.

Please do your due diligence on the lender and read the offer carefully, as small loans carry a high-interest rate and should only be used for a few weeks at most. Beyond a few weeks, borrowers should consolidate their debts.

Which type of loan is for you?

Your satisfaction is our goal.

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September 5

Connecting Globally

We aim to help you build your future by offering financial services that are catered to your requirements and objectives, not merely assist you get a loan in 2022. We’re taking this action because we think that everyone, not just those with money or influence, should be allowed to participate in the global economy. We continue to offer our connecting services because we think everyone should have access to financial services. Through these services, individuals from all across the US can get in touch with reputable direct lenders and learn what they can do to work together to forge deeper..Read More
June 7


In 2021, has developed into a major player in the world of financial resource matching for customers. Everyone should have the chance to succeed, and we were devoted to assisting you in doing so by giving you access to resources like finance and clients.   The loan industry has undergone significant transformation as a result of the Covid Financial Crisis, and we’re glad to announce that has been at the forefront of these improvements.
March 3


We’ve been consistently developing the goods and services that will help our clients’ financial situation. Currently, 25 more trustworthy direct lenders have joined our extensive network. Our major objective of giving our clients the greatest financial solution in the shortest amount of time has been accomplished. Finding the loan product you require no longer requires visiting the websites of dozens of lenders. You quickly receive the most suitable offer after completing our straightforward application.
January 5

Founding Date

We established our business to assist customers seeking quick loan options for urgent financial demands. We think that people with credit issues shouldn’t be constrained by unstable income or low credit scores. They ought to have the same opportunities as everyone else, in our opinion.

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