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How to Pay off Debt: Best Strategies

You may be able to reduce your debt quicker, save on borrowing costs, or simply get ahead of your goals. These are some of the best strategies to pay off your debt faster by considering repayment plans.

Tips to pay off debt

You can pay more than the minimum.

You can pay more than the minimum monthly to reduce your interest and debt. To pay your loan faster, you need to make additional payments every month.

Some lenders permit you to make extra monthly payments, with the condition that any additional payment will go towards the principal.

Check the terms of your loan before you start to see if there are any additional fees or prepayment penalties.

You can pay debt several times a month.

You should pay your credit card bills more often than once per month. This could make it easier for you to keep track of what you owe. Regularly paying your credit card bill may help lower your balance/utilization ratio.

The credit utilization ratio refers to the amount of credit you currently use. Credit reporting agencies use the utilization ratio to calculate your credit score.

Your most costly loan should be paid first.

The loan with the highest interest rates is the most costly. Paying it off first reduces the interest you pay and decreases your overall debt.

To save money on your overall cost, pay down the debts at the highest interest rates. This is often referred to as the “avalanche” method of paying down debt.

You can use the snowball method to pay off your debt.

You start with the smallest balance, pay it off first, then roll that same payment to the next balance. As you move up the ladder, the largest balance will be paid.

As each balance is paid, this method can help you build momentum. Learn the pros and cons of this debt-pay-down strategy by studying the Snowball versus Avalanche method of paying down debt.

Pay your bills in less time by keeping track of them

You can stay on top of your debt with bill reminders and online bill pay. You can simply schedule the amount you wish to pay and the time you want them to be paid. You can also set up reminders for payment and receive electronic bills from payees that offer electronic billing.

Reduce the term of your loan

A shorter-term loan can help you pay off your debt faster and reduce the overall cost of borrowing. You will pay less interest over the term of your loan if you have the same interest rate as the shorter term. You should remember that a shorter term could mean higher monthly payments.

Consolidate multiple debts

Consolidating multiple high-interest loans or credit card debts into one loan may make it easier to repay your debt.


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