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How to Use Customer Reviews When Choosing a Lender

Reviewing and comparing online reviews is an excellent place to begin. Customer reviews that are not biased will give you an idea of the way a lender works and the way they treat their customers.

The process of selecting the right lender to meet your needs for financing might be overwhelming. How do you select one from a myriad of options? Where should you start?

However, you’ll need to concentrate all your effort on the most valuable and reliable information.

What’s the most crucial factor when selecting the best lender?

These five indicators listed by consumers are the most important when requesting a loan:

  • Rates of interest
  • Fees
  • Customer service
  • The reputation of the company
  • Staff with experience

To learn more about what customers’ experiences are,  many people look to online reviews. But when sorting through the results, keep in mind that not all reviews are reliable.

Your strategy? Concentrate on trusted sources and know-how to differentiate genuine reviews from fake reviews.

Where to find Authentic Customer Reviews

These are some sites that you’ll want to consider in order to find trusted customer reviews of a specific lender.

Better Business Bureau

The non-profit BBB has been a reliable review source for over 100 years. It gives letter grades ranging between A+ and F and the rankings are not based on reviews.

The process of accreditation ensures that the business has made a sincere attempt to resolve complaints from customers.

As part of the process of reviewing, BBB confirms that there was a transaction between the client posting the review and the in-question company.


Trustpilot is well-known as a community-driven consumer review site. It’s taken measures to avoid fraudulent reviews as the use of its massive platform grows.

An audit of transparency for the company in February 2021 identified greater than 2.2 million fraudulent or damaging reviews. It also issued 11,000 formal “cease and cease and desist” letters as well as 522 warnings to consumers.

What to Look For in customer reviews post

The conventional wisdom is that an unhappy customer is more likely to leave negative feedback than a satisfied customer is to write a positive review. It’s just human nature.

This isn’t necessarily a bad issue, as per an analysis of reviews on the internet and consumer behavior by the Spiegel Research Center at Northwestern University.

It discovered that people are skeptical about reviews that aren’t perfect, and the fact that there are negative reviews can boost credibility. When you’re browsing through reviews on the internet, there are some tips to be aware of:

Find verified borrowers

A lot of review platforms track and indicate the authenticity of whether a reviewer’s loan was processed or not.

Be sure to focus on the customer reviews in between

What’s the reason? Reviews that are located between the pack tend to provide an honest view of positives as well as negatives.

Sort the order from oldest to latest and search for responses.

You’ll find the most recent feedback and also see any recurring issues or signs of improvement. Check if there’s a response or comments from the company. If a borrower had a negative experience, did the lender attempt to resolve the issue?

How to spot fake customer reviews

Some review sites are at risk of “opinion junk,” or phony reviews. Numerous platforms establish standards for review reviews and employ advanced fake-review filters and fraud detection software.

But, even using these tools, you’ll need to be alert for the most common indicators of fake posts:

Poor spelling, grammar mistakes repeated, and generic names.

Incorrect spelling or unclear language could indicate that the review is fake. This is also true for reviews with the same description or phrase. And reviews that have suspect names like William Tell or Jane Smith.

Scene-setting or duplicate examples

Reviews that provide an identical story are suspect, obviously. However, the same is true for reviewers who exaggerate the details. If a review reads like a novel, it could be.

Dates for postings that are clustered

Look out for large numbers of reviews that are posted in an unspecified time. It could be a sign of a solicited campaign to create excessively positive reviews.

Maximize the value of online customer reviews

Online reviews from customers can be beneficial when you’ve got an important financial choice to make.

According to a recent survey, 81% of customers think that sharing their experiences is crucial. Armed with this advice and tools, you’ll be equipped to locate the most suitable lender for your needs.


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