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Talk to before you sign a payday loan agreement. We have affordable Idaho payday loan alternatives.

Payday lenders offer repayment terms that are affordable to very few borrowers. You could pay excessive interest for months if you didn’t make the balloon payment. understands the impact these practices can have on borrowers. We offer a variety of signature and personal loan programs. These loans can be used to quickly get the cash you need while still paying off the loan.

Payday loans: The problem

These loan programs are intended to quickly get you to cash with minimum hassle.

Payday lenders can make it very difficult to pay off the debt by imposing high-interest rates and unreasonably long repayment terms. Payday lenders typically require that you pay the entire amount plus interest within two weeks. You must make large interest payments if you cannot pay the large balloon payment.

These interest-only payments will not reduce your principal debt. You must keep making interest payments until you can pay off the entire amount.

You might consider a personal, installment, or signature loan

You don’t need to take out a payday loan that is expensive and risky – or be stuck in a difficult repayment cycle – to get the cash you need immediately. offers all the benefits and conveniences of payday lending, including auto equity loans, signature loans, and installment loans.

We can approve you in minutes, whether you apply by phone, online, or in person. You will receive the money you need quickly, regardless of whether you need it to pay your bills, fix your car, or make something special with your family.

The repayment term can sometimes be extended up to two years. You will also have monthly payments that you can budget for.

The best part is that your monthly payments will go towards principal and interest so that you can pay down your debt each month.

Idaho’s First Choice in Alternatives to Payday loans has designed our lending programs to make sense for you and your budget. A personal loan advisor will be available to answer any questions and assist you. We will provide all the information necessary to help you choose the right loan program.

To apply, you can visit any one of our Idaho locations. You can also call us or apply online if that suits you better. We are eager to assist you and show why we are Idaho’s top payday loan alternative.


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