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Although the payday loan laws in Indiana may seem complicated at first glance, once you become familiar with them, they are quite simple to follow.

So you know what to expect, we’ll give you a brief overview. Remember that these laws set the maximum rates.

You won’t find out the rates for personal cash advances until you speak to a lender. Despite this, Indiana’s cash advance laws have been set fairly low.

You can expect your lender not to exceed the state’s maximum rates and fees. To get started on your loan request, fill out the secured loan request form.

Indiana Cash Advance Regulations

The maximum loan amount for cash advances in Indiana is $550. The maximum loan amount is $550, and you must borrow $50. Although the maximum loan term must be for at least 14 days, there is no limit to how long. It can be difficult to understand the maximum finance rate and fees.

These fees are 15 percent for loans under $250, 13 percent for loans between $251 and $400, and 10 percent for loans between $401 to $500. A $100 14-day loan would cost you $15. This would be a 390-percent annual percentage rate. This is a relatively low rate for a cash loan, so don’t expect the lender to offer anything lower.

You can take out up to two cash advances in Indiana. You can only get them from different lenders. We do not recommend that you take out more than one cash loan at once.

Your lender will determine the loan term. You will be unable to renew, refinance, consolidate, or extend your loan if you do not pay off your debt by the end of the term.

Your lender may charge $25 NSF fees if you are unable to pay your debt. Your lender cannot pursue criminal proceedings against you.

Indiana Payday Loan Regulations

You already know the Indiana payday loan rules if you are familiar with the laws governing cash advances in Indiana. These products are both regulated the same. The state has regulations for short-term small-dollar lending. The rules will cover all loans that fit that definition.

  • How Payday loans work – If you have immediate cash needs, borrowing against future income might be an option. This type of funding allows the lender to automatically take the loan and any fees from your account at a specific due date.
  • Maximum amount – The maximum amount allowed by law is $550. However, you can’t borrow more than 20% of your monthly gross income.
  • Repayment Extensions – These are not permitted in the state.

Indiana State Economy

Indiana’s unemployment rate was 5.1% in May 2015. This is quite a drop from the 12.6-percent state high in December 1982. October 2000 all-time lowest was only 2.9 percent.

Do you have any questions about Indiana’s cash advance laws and regulations? Email us or call your lender.

In Indiana, Title Loan Requests

Title loans are a good option for those who have difficulty getting a payday loan. Title loans require collateral, which is an asset that can be used to secure the loan. Title loans are an alternative loan option for residents of Indiana that allow them to pay off debts or urgent bills.

Borrowers love title loans because they don’t have to be credit-worthy to be approved. Loans can be as low as $1,000. The most popular type of title loan is the car title loan. Borrowers can use their car as collateral to get a loan.

If the car has equity, some lenders might offer car title loans. These loans can be extended for up to fifteen days, and the annual percentage rate (APR) is over 100%. This is higher than other forms of credit.

Title Loans Laws In Indiana

Indiana auto title loans are illegal due to the high-interest rates that often accompany these types of loans. Borrowers may end up in an endless cycle of debt due to the high APR, additional costs, and charges.

Lenders can take your vehicle and make it available for sale if you fail to pay your loan. You may be charged additional late fees. It is best to negotiate a payment plan with your lender to ensure that you pay your loans on time. You should carefully read the loan contract. There may be additional fees or charges that you don’t know about.


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