Missouri Payday Loans Bad Credit Ok

Payday loans can be used to get money to pay unexpected expenses quickly. Missouri law allows payday lending. For 14-31 days, you can borrow up to $500 in Missouri. 

The loan amount should be no more than 75%. Fees and interest rates must not exceed 75%. The state law allows six rollovers and prohibits all criminal acts against borrowers.

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Missouri Payday loans: How does it work?

The process of getting a payday loan in Missouri has been simplified. You can apply online for a Missouri cash advance loan in just minutes. The application process, so there is no need to drive around or fill out lengthy paperwork.

  1. Simple Application: Submit your online application for a Missouri payday loan. It’s fast, simple, and secure.
  2. Quick Decision: Once you are accepted, you will immediately connect to your lender. 
  3. Get your money Cash will be deposited into your account within one business day.
  4. Payback your Loan: Your bank will debit your account with the original loan amount and any fees on the due date.

Payday loans Criteria in Missouri

Although eligibility for payday loans varies by state, Missouri is similar to other states. If you have any concerns, please ask your lender. These are the basics of Missouri payday loans.

  • 18 years old or older
  • Missouri legal resident with a fixed address
  • For the past six months, you have been working regularly
  • Checking account
  • U.S. citizen, legal resident


What statute applies to Missouri payday loans?

Missouri state laws set limits to:

  • Maximum loan amount $500
  • Max amount of loans that you can have is one
  • The loan term is between 14 and 31 days
  • Borrowers can be charged fees per loan. No interest fees or charges exceed 70% of the original loan amount, including renewals.

What is the maximum amount I can borrow on a Missouri Payday Loan?

Online payday loans in Missouri can be as high as $500. Missouri allows only one loan at a given time. To apply for a loan, you must repay the original loan.

What if I have bad credit and want a Missouri payday loan?

Yes, Missouri payday lenders will offer online payday loans to those with bad credit. The lender needs to know your income and if you have a regular job. 

Because your ability to repay the loan will be affected most if you are in stable employment, you can submit an online loan request and refer it to 120+ lenders to increase your chances of approval.

What if I have a prepaid card and want a Payday Loan in Missouri?

Prepaid cards are not accepted for payday loans. You must be able to deposit the loan funds into your checking account. Then, you will need to pay it back.

Is it possible to receive a payday loan in Missouri if you don’t have a bank account?

You do not need a checking account to get a payday loan.

Is it possible to go to jail if you fail to pay a MO payday loan?

Missouri payday loan defaults are exempt from all criminal charges.

What happens if I fail to pay my Missouri Payday Loan?

You may be subject to an NSF fee if you default on your loan. You could also face legal action (civil lawsuit) or collections.

It is important to remember that six rollovers are allowed by state law. You can work with your lender to adjust or rollover your loan to avoid default. Also, read the loan payment schedule, rates and terms, and finance charges.

Ask your lender any questions you may have about Missouri payday loans. Lenders are not obliged to offer you a loan.

Payday advances are not to be used for any other purpose than for emergencies. Recommend that you do not use payday loans as long-term financial solutions. 


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