Personal Loan Companies For Bad Credit

If you are looking to borrow using a personal loan, then you will likely want to know that you are getting a good deal and will want to research lots of lenders.

Before you put in a loan request, it makes sense to try to find as many reputable lenders as possible, then choose one that offers competitive interest rates and terms for the length of the loan, and the amount of the loan, that you are looking for.

We connect borrowers with lenders, saving you from having to do huge amounts of research and filling out endless forms.

Simply complete our loan request form, and we will attempt to put you in touch with lenders that offer fast responses.

If your loan request is approved then you could have funds available to spend in your bank account as early as the next working day.


We Have Helped Thousands of Borrowers

We have worked with thousands of borrowers, connecting them with personal loan companies that are receptive to loan requests from people just like them.

Our database of lenders includes a huge number of companies that offer loans in both small and large amounts to qualified borrowers. Each lender has its own requirements in terms of income, credit rating, and affordability.

Whatever amount you are looking to borrow, we hope that we can help you with a stress-free process by putting you in touch with the lenders that are most likely to be able and willing to help.

Our online loan platform is secure and confidential, and the loan request form that you are asked to complete is used only to help us work out which lenders to connect you with.

We know the priorities and criteria of a large number of personal loan companies, and we will do everything that we can to help prospective borrowers get the right product for their needs.

Find Personal Loan Companies That Suit You

The lenders that we work with offer personal loans, and many have relatively relaxed requirements. Unlike heading to a traditional bank, where a potential borrower simply fills out a form and then is told “yes” or “no,” we connect prospective borrowers to different lenders based on the details that they provide.

Our lenders will consider requests from people with no credit history or poor credit. They are willing to look beyond the credit score and consider affordability, recent behavior, and other factors to lend to people that traditional banks and loan companies may be less eager to work with.

Results in Minutes

To request a loan with us, simply fill out the loan request form and complete any follow-up questions and contracts.

We will come back to you with the results of lenders that appear suitable, and if you wish to pursue a loan with any of them then you will have the opportunity to complete the transaction with them individually.

Once a loan is approved, payment of the loan will come back through on the schedule offered by the lender – which can be as fast as within one working day.


Loans With No Credit Check

There are some direct lenders that offer loans without using a traditional credit check. These companies still verify the identity of people who request loans from them and may look at income, budget, and other details to determine whether a prospective borrower qualifies for a loan.

These lenders typically offer smaller loans over a shorter period of time. This kind of product may be an option for someone who is facing an urgent expense and who is unable to access funds through traditional lenders.

There are other products that promise a ‘same-day payment – although in reality while the request may be processed the day that it is submitted, the payment date is not guaranteed to be that day.

For this reason, it is a good idea to get started with a loan request early so that you can shop around without feeling hurried and feel confident in the decision you make about which lender to work with.

Borrow Wisely

There are several different loan products to choose from, and each lender has its own terms and conditions.

It is important that prospective applicants read the terms and conditions of each lender, and understand them fully. Do not borrow if you are not certain that you will be able to repay the loan on time and in full.

The personal loan companies that are willing to work with someone who has no or poor credit history are likely to charge higher interest rates and loan fees than companies that work with those with better credit histories.

Defaulting on a loan or even making late payments will hinder your ability to borrow in the future and will limit the companies that are willing to work with you.