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The Conditions and Terms of Use is a legal agreement binding between ZaxLoans.com (which, following this point, is referred to as we ourselves, us Our, Company) in addition to a User (alluded to in the form of Your You, Yours, You, User User, Users) on the website (referred to as Website, Site) user who accesses the Website and tries to use the services offered to you by our Company.

The company isn’t a bank, nor does it constitute a financial institution or financial institution of any type. It also doesn’t develop financial products, offer financial services, or make credit-based decisions. The company provides a search and matching service. It is contracted with financial companies and third-party lenders independent of each other that create credit products. Thus, the company can connect its lender network to Website users. To allow a user of the website to be able to access the services of third-party lenders contracted and financial institutions users has to fill out the online registration form.

We strongly suggest that all users of the Site take the time to read these Terms and Conditions for Use for further use on the Site or its products, along with the submission of personal data, which will imply that you have read and comprehended this document (and the other legal documents found on this Website including Privacy Policy). Privacy Policies).

Only those who reside in the U.S. and are above 18 years old are allowed to access this website. By using the Site, You confirm that you are legally able and reside within the U.S. There is a chance that the listing of banned states could alter in the future. Be sure to verify your State’s Status on the Rates and Fees Page and follow the links that are provided to authorities’ Websites. These sites have the most current details on state-specific short-term lending laws within the U.S.

If you are not willing to accept the terms and conditions set out in the Terms and Conditions, then please quit the website and stop the use of the website.

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