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Payday Loans are Legal for Utah.

Utah does not limit the number of payday loans that can be provided in the state. The maximum loan term is 70 Days (10 Weeks). The APR is 6588%*. The exact amount of finance charges is unknown. It is against the law to commit criminal acts against borrowers.

Utah has very relaxed payday loan regulations. There have been many attempts to make payday loans more restrictive, but none have been successful over the years.

The 2016 amendment was the most successful, as it drove six of the state’s lenders out of the state. There are currently 50 payday lending companies and 32 registered to offer online payday loans.

Utah Payday Lending Statutes


Utah Code Ann. regulates payday lending. 7-23-101 et seq.)

A payday loan is available in Utah. Officially, it’s called the ” deferred loan.”

A person making a deferred loan is required to register under Utah law but is not registered. The person cannot collect, receive or retain any principal, interest, or fees related to the deferred loan. According to the Consumer Guide for payday lending in Utah.

Utah’s payday loan laws prohibit unauthorized lenders from making deferred deposits.

The most important rule is that lenders must apply to open the business and maintain the registration. The Utah lending office should display a complete list of fees, interest, and payment schedules. Customers are required to receive a copy of the agreement, including all terms and payment dates.

Loan Amount Utah

  • Utah does not have a set limit on the maximum loan amount.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of loans that a person can apply to.

Utah Fees, Rates, and Other Charges

  • There are no restrictions regarding interest rates and finance costs.

Utah Payday Loan Term

  • A payday cash advance is only allowed for a maximum of 10 weeks.
  • You can rollover loans provided the loan term does not exceed 10 weeks.

Consumer Information

Lenders are no longer required to verify a borrower’s ability to repay a loan.
Take care of your finances, and don’t fall into debt traps.
The CFPB changed the rule.

  • After 10 weeks, payday loan lenders cannot reverse the agreement.
  • Lenders are prohibited from taking criminal actions against borrowers.
  • Lenders can check reports from reporting agencies and send payment histories to them.
  • Lenders may sue borrowers for the number of the loan and interest and court costs, and attorney fees.
  • If a check bounces or is returned, lenders are permitted to charge a maximum of $20.
  • Utah allows borrowers to make $5 partial payments at no extra charge during the repayment period.
  • Borrowers may apply for a loan before 5 p.m. the next business day after the loan was approved.

History of Payday Loans In Utah

  • 1999 – Utah passed “S.B. 1999 – Utah passed “S.B. According to the report of Utah’s Commissioner of Financial Institutions, Utah law required that any company providing payday loans or check-cashing services be registered and regulated.
  • 2003 – S. 2003 – S. 130. This amendment to the “Regulation of Check Cashers” allowed borrowers to cancel deferred deposit loans before 5 p.m. on the next business day. Borrowers also had the option to make partial payments of $5 each at no additional cost. These laws also covered internet lenders.
  • 2006 The Military Lending Act effectively set a limit on payday loans for military personnel at 36% APR. Federal law does not allow for exceptions. Therefore, lenders in Utah are now prohibited from offering loans to military personnel at more than 36% APR.
  • 2008 – S. 2008 – S.
  • 2010 – H.B.15 shortened the term for rollovers from 12 to 10 weeks.
  • 2012 – B.459 changed the “Regulation of Check Cashing” and rendered all loans granted by lenders not registered correctly in the chapter null.
  • 2014 – Bills B. 46 “Deferred deposit Lending and Forum Requirements” (HB. The Utah Legislative introduced 47 “Deferred Loan Amendments.” These amendments would limit the number of loans that a person could take at once. Both of them failed.
  • June 2, 2016 – The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed a Payment Loan Rule, which has not been fully implemented (expected in November 2020).
  • 2016 – B. 2016 – B. The amendments required lenders to check borrowers’ credit reports before granting loans, report loans to the state database, and extend loan extensions up to 90 days at zero interest. Also, lenders are required to report the number of annually filed nonpayment lawsuits.
  • 2017 – HB40: The Check Cashion & Deferred deposit Lending Amendments to Chapter 23 Title 7 of the Check Cashing and Deferred Lending Registration Act became effective May 9, 2017. These Amendments changed the registration requirements and gave grant rulemaking authority. They also amended the rules for payday loan extensions and modified requirements for each site’s annual examination—the report of Utah’s Commissioner of Financial Institutions.


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