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Payday Loans in Wisconsin are legal

The state does not have any restrictions on payday loans in Wisconsin. The state does not allow customers to repay more than $1500, or 35% of their gross monthly income.

There are no limits on how many renewals you can make, but there is a limit to how many you can do. NSF Fee is not allowed to exceed $15 within the state. It is not permitted to commit criminal acts.

Many states have strict regulations for payday loan services. Wisconsin has some of the most flexible laws. However, there are a few more rigid lenders. 

In Wisconsin, payday lenders are allowed to charge any interest they wish. Payday lenders in Wisconsin are permitted to charge any interest they want, despite it being the last state to regulate this sector.

Wisconsin Payday Lending Statutes

Wis. Stat. regulates payday loans in Wisconsin Stat.

Payday lenders must have a license to provide services and initiate loans. This license is required for all types of businesses, online and in-store.

Wisconsin has yet to adopt stricter payday loan terms laws. The state government has guidelines for applicants for Wisconsin payday loans.

  • The Truth in Lending Act requires that payday lenders in the state inform customers that they don’t offer stability and are not long-term loans. Refinances of payday loans may be subject to additional fees. Repayment of the loan late can result in financial hardshiTheThe Department of Finance must regulate payday loans in Wisconsin information, including information about refinancing payday loans and the risks. Customers must be able to make informed choices about Wisconsin payday loan institutions. This is so that customers can make informed decisions about Wisconsin payday loan institutions.
  • Providers of 3d payday loans must provide a chart that details all fees related to the payday loan. Providers of payday loans must make it easy for customers to understand the terms and give a charWisWisconsin payday lenders should use these charts vide information about financial loans.

Loan Amount in Wisconsin

  • A short-term, small cash loan amount not exceeding 35% of your gross monthly earnings or $1500 plus any lower fees.

Rates and Fees in Wisconsin

Except as stated in the sub. Except as provided in the sub. 138.14 (10. a)1.

If a payday loan isn’t repaid within the due date, a licensed lender might charge an interest rate of not more than 2.75% per calendar month.

The maximum term for a payday loan in Wisconsin

  • No 90-day payday loans should be extended
  • A loan may be renewed two times.
  • There are no limits to how many loans an individual can take. There should be a cooling-off period after renewing loans.

Consumer Information

Attention Lenders: Borrowers are no longer required to prove their ability to repay loans.
Keep your finances in control and avoid falling into debt traps.
The CFPB changed the rule.

  • NSF Fees shouldn’t exceed
  • Wisconsin criminal acts are strictly prohibited.

The Wisconsin Department of Finance welcomes complaints and inquiries about payday loans in the state.

History of Wisconsin Payday Loans

  • Before 2010, Wisconsin was an exception state. It was the first state to regulate the APR of payday loans and the amount. Payday lenders in the state lived simple lives and offered loans that weren’t regulated. These loans were often not subject to a rollover limit, and the lenders weren’t required to verify customers.
  • 2006 The Military Lending Act established a limit of 36% APR for payday loans to military personnel. Federal law does not allow exceptions. Wisconsin lenders are prohibited from offering loans to military personnel at rates higher than 36% APR.
  • 2010 This bill created zoning restrictions in Wisconsin that would restrict payday loan shops. The maximum loan amount was $1,500 and 35%, depending on the borrower’s gross monthly earnings.
  • 2011 Payday Loans were restricted to loans for no more than 90 days. Payday lenders began offering Installment Loans with longer terms (from 60 to 120 days) to avoid violating payday loan laws.
  • 2011-2015 308 complaints regarding payday lenders in Wisconsin were submitted to the Department of Financial Institutions. These complaints led to 20 enforcement actions by the state government.
  • On June 2, 2016, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau suggested a Payday loan Rule. This has yet to be fully implemented. The federal rule will be in effect from November 2020.


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